Unlimited Top Notch Leads

When we say top notch, we mean TOP NOTCH. You won't be disappointed with our leads. We have a very well-trained IT department that specialize in generating fresh new accredited investors.

Custom Surveying For Your Project

We have developed a method to survey our data while producing fronts for you project. All you do is give us a script, we call our leads and produce fronts based on the criteria you want us to obtain.

New-Lead Generation

When we say "new lead", we mean NEW. Being built from the ground up by marketing and IT professionals, we have developed a series of ways to find accredited investors. Find out how we do this by clicking the button below.

Industries We supply Leads For


Accredited Investor Lead Types

Accredited Investor fronts

On a weekly basis we receive current accredited investor fronts from various Investment company vendors that we have close relations with. We charge 50 cent-$1 per accredited investor lead.

Accredited Investor Mail-Outs

Just as we receive our fronts from the various vendors that we acquire data from. We also received fresh accredited mail outs in all industries. We charge $1-$2 per accredited investor mail out.

Accredited Client Lists

We have clients in every single industry. We acquire as many client lists that we can, they don't come in as frequently as our fronts or mail outs but we do obtain them. Grab a client list While you can, we charge just $3-$5 per Accredited Client.

Our Perfected Lead Generating Services

Remote Dialing Packages

Having a team of team of well trained dialers scrubbing our data constantly and an incredible database of updated accredited investor leads, we offer a remote dialing subscription.

Email Blasting Lead Generation

Being a family of  IT geeks and marketing experts, we have perfected the process of designing email campaigns and blasting our database to generate leads for our clients based on their industry.

Pay-Per-Click Lead Generation

We create ads and landing pages for your industry and generate prospects actively looking for what you are offering. There is no lead-generating service better than this. And we have perfected it.

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